First and foremost I am a mother to 5 amazing children, 4 of which were born at home, and the last 2 unassisted. I believe whole heartedly that God has placed me on this earth to be a midwife, and  He has humbled and  blessed me immensely with the beautiful opportunity to serve mothers, babies, fathers, and families. 

Women have been supporting and educating each other through their childbirth experience for hundreds of years. Mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers support and educate through their stories of birth. Today, those stories are becoming more and more fearful and disappointing.

Instead of managing our own birth, we are managed and forced to birth our children in ways we never imagined.

I believe giving birth is the most amazing miracle we will ever assist God in, and is also one of the most important moments in our lives. Giving birth is a right of passage that changes us. It shows us a side of ourselves we may not have known was there. It helps us find our faith and power and hopefully improves our self esteem. When our birth is managed, the experience is taken away from us, or if we are medicated the outcome may be different. We could be robbed of this very important transformation. Having your baby at home will give you the power and control to birth in the way you choose
What story will you pass on to your children? To your friends? To the pregnant mom in the coffee shop?  How will your story affect your child's birth experience? How will your story affect your future? How will your story affect OUR future?  Will you come out of your birth experience feeling empowered or dis-empowered? Will you come out feeling fearful or trusting? Did you manage your birth or were you managed? Believe it or not these questions really do matter.
Beautiful Blessings 
"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear."-Jane Weideman
Serving Central Oregon and beyond since 2006.

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