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Let choice whisper in your ear, and love murmur in your heart. Be Ready. Here comes life. ~Maya Angelou


My Story

First and foremost I am a mother to 5 amazing children, 4 of which were born at home, and the last 2 unassisted. I believe whole heartedly that God has placed me on this earth to be a midwife, and  He has humbled and  blessed me immensely with the beautiful opportunity to serve mothers, babies, fathers, and families. 
I began serving families in 1991 as a student with a traditional midwife that was trained on Ina May Gaskins Farm. In 2003 I attended Midwifery school.  In 2006 I began my own midwifery practice. Now in 2017 I have been honored to serve well over 500 families. 
I believe birth is a normal natural process. A time of celebration. I believe that every woman has a right to a safe, dignified, enriched, and satisfying experience. I am committed to providing comprehensive wholesome care that is compassionate and sensitive to the individual needs of each family. The birth journey is an expected yet commemorative experience. Therefore, emphasis is placed on an outcome that is safe but also gratifying for the family's spiritual and physical needs.
I have been attending births in Central Oregon for more than 25 years and know in my heart that this is what I was placed on this earth to do.


My Services

As a Midwife, I pride myself in providing you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process.


Prenatal visits are generally about 1 hour long.  At each prenatal we discuss your pregnancy, diet, exercise, and emotional wellbeing. We also check your weight, urine, and blood pressure, monitor fetal heart tones, blood pressure, and  fetal growth. Each prenatal is based on your individual needs.


Labor and Birth Support

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout and will provide everything you require to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible.


After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, as your midwife I am committed to your health and the wellbeing of your growing family, available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. After your sweet babe is in your arms I will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have. I will see you at 24hrs, 3days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and have a final postpartum at 6 weeks.



I personally want you to know that I have used 4 different midwives in my childbearing years and you are, hands down, the absolute best. You  have the most trust in birth and the most appreciation for God's incredible design. You have a wonderful knowledge of natural options for various issues and I value that highly. I just appreciate you so much and hope that God gives us opportunity to meet again in the same capacity!

God bless you and your business - you are very needed and your clients are blessed to have you!

A quote from A BBM Mama

I've had all eight of my babies at home, the last four have been with Tiffany. I can't imagine a more dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and competent midwife. She cared for me and our family with love, respect, trust and skill. She valued our desires and partnered with us to give us the best care possible. She is a gift to our family and has become a treasured friend.I'm excited about her partnership with Kelsey, they are a fantastic team overflowing with heart and passion!

Chelsey Huttinga

Tiffany is a great listener, who pays attention to the details of your medical history to ensure that your natural birth will be a success. She was great at informing my husband and I of our options and supporting us in our decisions. Because of her I was able to birth my 4th baby naturally after 3 prior attempts and it was by far my most empowering and rewarding birth experience. I look forward to working with her again!

Lorna Carman

Tiffany ROCKS! I only saw her about the last month of my pregnancy. I wish I would have gone to her sooner but I am so happy it worked out the way it did. Because of her I had an amazing birth experience. She gave me the confidence and strength in doing a home birth. Every visit, she was so patient and was willing to answer any questions or concerns I had. I definitely will be referring other women to her. I hope to work with her again someday.

Blaire Salas

Tiffany as my midwife for my home birth was amazing! She was so encouraging and confident in my ability that it helped me be calm and have confidence. Being under her highly experienced care was incredibly special..... I knew without a doubt that my baby, me and my family was loved.

Patricia Booher

As the mother of six children - two born in a hospital and four at home with midwives - I think I have a little experience with childbirth and yet, when the time comes to welcome a new little one into the world I find myself very grateful to have a midwife around. Tiffany Seiders was our midwife for our last birth and if the Lord provides more babies and Tiffany is willing, she will be there for any subsequent births. Many midwives say they "trust birth" and trust a woman's body to know what to do during birth, Tiffany actually believes it. My last labor was very uncharacteristic for me - long, slow, relaxed...at times I actually

doubted I was in labor. Tiffany and her assistants never rushed me or acted as though they were concerned...they all assured me that they were not bothered by the passing of time (even though they all had families at home) and that they were perfectly content to hang out and offer whatever I needed - whether that was reassurance or privacy. 

Tiffany is not only amazingly intuitive (she sat on a chair by the birth tub knitting, but when I changed positions without saying a word - she knew it was time and was there, ready, nonchalantly helping to bring our Sadie Mae into the world), but also very professional - quietly directing her assistants to make sure they were ready in their respective jobs - recording the time of membranes breaking and the time of the birth, etc... I also very much appreciate the casual atmosphere Tiffany promoted (even though she was obviously ready for an emergency as I saw her discreetly ensuring that oxygen was ready should it be needed etc..) and her obvious belief that God created a woman's body to birth without interference. Additionally, I cannot say enough for her knowledge of natural remedies for common pregnancy/childbirth issues. I always struggle with heartburn in later pregnancy and have never found a natural solution that worked very well until Tiffany introduced me to some amazing natural enzymes. Additionally, when many midwives will go to black and blue cohosh to encourage a stalled labor, Tiffany recommended something I'd never heard of that she felt was more appropriate for my particular labor - and it worked like a charm.

I cannot recommend Tiffany Seiders highly enough and I would be happy to answer any questions perspective clients may have!

Shawnele Surplus


Shawnele Surplus

I had two children in the hospital - both labors were induced because my doctor feared that my blood pressure was too high. Halfway through my normal pregnancy with my third child, he informed me that I had no choice but to do everything the same again. No thanks. I switched to Tiffany based on a recommendation from a friend and I'm so glad I did. I wish I had known her when I was pregnant with my first. Her approach to birth is so different than what I was used to. To her, birth is not a scary medical procedure fraught with risky unknowns. Instead she views it as a normal, natural process that women have the inherent ability to do without risky medical interventions. My prenatal appointments went from 10-min warnings and chastisement over my weight fluctuations to hour-long conversations. She covered everything and emphasized my need for good nutrition during pregnancy. She also let my husband know that she was fine with him catching the baby and informed us that she would be as involved in the birth as we wanted her to be. When I finally went into labor she was a calm, reassuring presence. She stepped in every 15 minutes to assess the baby's heart rate and then stepped back, letting me labor the way I felt was best. As my baby was born, she helped to guide my husband's hands as he caught our baby girl. It was such a perfect, beautiful birth. I felt like I was in control of my birth and not just a passive participant. The best part was after Ella was born. Tiffany and her assistants cleaned up everything and made me lunch. They made sure breastfeeding was off to a good start checked in with me regularly postpartum. Thank you, Tiffany, for helping me achieve the birth I always wanted and for becoming such a good friend.

Nina Nelson

Our experience with Tiffany was absolutely wonderful.  This was the first home birth I've had.  I was pretty confident about the idea of home birth, but my husband was a little uneasy and skeptical of it.  When Tiffany arrived at our house for the interview and our first meeting my husband drilled her with questions.  He made me a bit uneasy because of his persistence in asking everything possible.  He went down the line asking about every complication that could arise, what kind of risky situations she had encountered during her experience as a midwife, what she did when faced with these, and so on and so forth.  He wanted to understand the whole process and be sure it was something that was safe for his wife and unborn baby.  Tiffany answered every question very thoroughly and very confidently.  She didn't skip a beat.  She didn't seem uneasy or nervous by the "interrogation".  In fact, she seemed to appreciate the concern and seriousness that my husband and I approached her with.  By the time our meeting had ended my confidence in birthing my baby at home had grown even more and my husband didn't want anything but a home birth.   He became very excited and we both knew we wanted to have her as our midwife.  The pre-natal meetings leading up to the birth were very personal and I looked forward to them every month.  I felt I was being well taken care of and that every question I had was important.   I was informed thoroughly about all prenatal care that was given and able to make decisions for myself throughout the process.  Through this whole experience I was learning just how simple it could be.  The birth itself couldn't have been better.  Tiffany and Annie were the greatest support.  They made me feel very safe and comfortable through the whole labor.  I was given as much space as I needed.  When I didn't want as much space they gave me as much hands on care as possible.  During the labor it came to Tiffany's attention that my baby had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.  I didn't even know until afterward because she dealt with it so quickly and calmly.  I am very satisfied with Tiffany and Annie as my coaches during labor and delivery and I will not hesitate to have them for any future births.  This whole experience has truly been a blessing and I'm so glad that we could share it with them.

Natalie Richards


"Good things come to those who wait"

Violet Fane

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